The Aluminium Declutch Gearbox is specially Designed for butterfly valve, ball valve and plug valve as well as for pneumatic actuators. This device allows manual operation during installing, system testing if when air resource is not loaded. It can be mounted directly on most of popular rack& pinion style pneumatic actuators in the market.

18  150x130 gearbox declutch Fellbach Gearbox Declutch Operator


  1. A simple and compact design, light-weight device
  2. ISO 5211 Direct mounting patterns
  3. Easy to switch from manual drive to pneumatic drive by using the wrench retainer
  4. Filled with special lubricant before leaving the factory
  5. Weatherproof is IP65
  6. The output torque range: 180-1310Nm
  7. 5 Degree angle adjusting

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