FELLBACH QUARTER TURN ELECTRIC ACTUATOR are used to operate ball, plug or butterfly valves, dampers, vents and any equipment with quarter-turn or partial-turn travel.

SERIES: 8280 (35Nm – 1500Nm)

13  150x130 8280035 0 Fellbach Electric Actuators
15  150x130 s series Fellbach Electric Actuators


  1. IP 67: Waterproof and dust-proof enclosures
  2. NEMA 4X: Waterproof and dust-proof enclosures
  3. Material : Aluminum alloy, powder coated


  1. Standard extended duty cycle induction motor
  2. F insulation class for all models.(OM-A, OM-A-M, BM-2, and OM-1 to OM-13)
  3. Built-in thermal protection (135°C) prevents motor burning out

Manual Override

  1. Cluthless design, the manual operation can be operated without any lever, clutch or brake upon power outage
  2. When electric motor is operating, manual hand-wheel won’t rotate for person safe purpose

Gear Train

  1. High alloy steel gear trains provide self-locking function to avoid valve back drive
  2. The Gear Train has been factory lubricated for the life under normal operating conditions

Position Indicator

  1. All models are equipped with a direct-drive position indicator on the top of actuator cover

Ambient Temperature Range

  1. Temperature : -30°C ~ +65°C
  2. Humidity : 30% ~ 95%

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14  150x130 t series Fellbach Electric Actuators


  1. Compact Size can install in small space
  2. Dry-powder coated aluminium ally cover complies to NEMA 4X(Optional)
  3. Manual operation can be applied in case of electric failure
  4. Built-in thermal protection prevents motor burning out
  5. Simple design easy operation Motor

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